Feel Good. Stay fair.

FAIR TOWEL stands for fairness

FAIR TOWEL stands above all for one thing: Fairness!

All articles from this young label are made from 100 % Fairtrade-certified organic cotton. The products supplied by this German towel brand are not only soft and smooth to the touch but also comply with ethical and ecological standards.

The COZY collection is new and consists of four feel-good items available in various sizes and with an impressive range of colours.

Whether for use after washing, showering, bathing or at the sauna – with Fair Towel you will always find the ideal towel that is not only pleasant to the touch but also offers good moisture absorption characteristics.

In addition, all items have a wide border that offers plenty of scope for individual finishes.

And as a special touch, all Fair Towel products have two hangers, one on the long side and one on the short side.

Check them out, and see for yourself.